Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best Movie Studio"

And the Hulie goes to...

Universal Studios!

Panelists and voting audience members agree: Universal Studio has brought the best movie content to They have something for every taste, from the hopelessly liberal (Cheech and Chong's Next Movie) to the hopelessly conservative (Jesus Christ, Superstar). Family friendly schlock like Beethoven's 2nd (even Beethovenier than the original!) doesn't completely eclipse the more meaty fare like Slaughterhouse Five, Broken Flowers, and The Beguiled. Perhaps most importantly, all of these titles feature full length films, as opposed to sets of clips that merely whet your appetite.

Hats off to Universal for their rich history of moviemaking-- even when they make bad movies, they make them well.

Universal is the second-oldest movie studio on the face of the planet (younger than rival Paramount by one month). It was founded by a clothing store manager named Carl Laemmle, who noticed the popularity of a nickelodeon in Chicago and decided to invest in one of his own. His business savvy led him to start his own fledgling company rather than pay fees to famed inventor Thomas Edison. This bold move led to the corporate behemoth we all know and consume today.

Here, you can see a complete list of every movie they've ever released at Wikipedia

The other nominees for this Hulie were:

Century Fox

What's Universal done for you lately? Here's a trailer for one of their 2009 releases. It's pure craptastic horror, and yet the inclusion of Alison Lohman (she's as good as Lindsay Lohan is bad) and Justin Long (the PC guy or the porn star from Zach and Miri Make a Porno, depending on your interests) give it a strange appeal for me.


Stella Louise said...

The "good Lohman"? Are we comparing Alison to "Death of a Salesman" Willie or perhaps confusing the spelling of Lindsay Lohan's name?

The Hulu Man said...


Guilty as charged, Stella. Mixing up the last names of Lohman/Loman is a special hobby of mine. I made the correction, and thank you for pointing it out!