Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best Show of the Eighties"

And the Hulie goes to....

The A Team!

The above is the opening clip from the season one, episode 3, which die hard fans might recognize as the first appearance of Dirk Benedict as the hyper-cool scamster "Face Man."

Speaking of whom, we received a quick word of thanks from Mr. Benedict, who is a friend of the Hulu Review. He writes:

Can you imagine that? The A Team wins an actual "Award". And they said it could never happen.

You can see Dirk's impressively large collection of current projects (did you know he was an accomplished author, for example?) over at his site,

We also got a statement from one of the bigwigs over at the main fansite for Dwight Schultz, who you will best remember as "Howling Mad" Murdock. The site is run out of Europe, so please forgive any slight grammatical awkwardness, and instead marvel at the boundless enthusiasm and excitement this series still generates, TWENTY SIX YEARS after making its debut.

It’s like Hannibal's famous one liner:"I love it when a plan comes together." That's how I felt when I heard the A-team was nominated for a Hulu award.

Who can forget those four guys, each with their own specialty?

Hannibal's crazy plans always seemed to work; there is no better way of starting an attack than going through the front door, remember, and afterward you smoke a cigar (never forget that cigar!)

B.A., being the muscleman of the team and the mechanic, was always fixing everything and creating vehicles that you would never believe would drive and do the trick (but they always did).

Face, the womanizer and conman of the team, was always getting Hannibal what he needed, and always kissing a girl (although his love for pretty women got Faceman in trouble sometimes).

And last but not least, the crazy pilot of the team, Murdock, who could fly anything with wings. He spends his time in the VA hospital pretending to be crazy and fooling the entire military with his act, while driving B.A. crazy.

Of course, the A-team had a little help from Amy and later on from Tawnia, and in season 5 Frankie showed up. But in the end everybody knows it was those four guys that were the A-team.

It was not only the characters, but the actors who brought the characters to life, that made the series the A-team such a success. There was a unique chemistry between the four actors, and that’s one important reason why a new A-team movie will never work. You never can replace those four actors with other actors. Remember: never change a winning team!

They gave us a mix of cartoon humor and fights. Usually nobody died, even though bullets flew all over the place, and explosions threw cars into the air like toys. Only a few times did someone (like in the episode "The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas").

Every episode gave children the message: in the end the good always wins over the bad. That combination of humor, action and cartoon violence still appeals to kids and most adults today. Kids get it. It’s like watching a cartoon (while some adults unfortunately don’t get that sometimes).

The A-team is timeless fun; it never bores you. As a kid you always know that in the end, thanks to a crazy plan, the good guys will win, so let’s be happy that the A-team won that Hulu Award. The guys earned it because they have been entertaining children and adults for more than 25 years!

Claudia "Choppercrazy," of

After 20,000 audience votes, the audience favorite was "Married With Children," which beat out the second-place A-Team with 34% of the total vote.

The other nominees were "Benson," Alf," and "The Facts of Life."

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