Thursday, June 4, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best News Show"

And the Hulie goes to....

Comic Con 2008!

NBC's coverage of Comic Con 2008, the legendary comic book convention-turned- pop culture hurricane, has pulled off an upset win over the more staid competition.

The credit for the win goes to two factors. First, you have the fanboy-fantasy nature of Comic Con itself. What if you and some other fans threw a party, and all of your favorite stars and artists were suddenly clamoring to come? Second, you have the way that Comic Con was presented on Hulu. Namely, an in-depth viewing experience that made all of the millions of at-home fans feel like they were actually mingling with comic writers, tv personalities, and Kitt, the car-star of Knight Rider. NBC's coverage was hosted by an affable "Comic Con virgin," whose presence allowed Hulu watchers to feel smug about knowing more than her.

The very first Comic Con took place in 1970, and drew 300 fans. By 2007, the number had grown to 125,000, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 2008 was the first year that the event's tickets sold out before the convention began. Congratulations, Comic Con!

After 20,000 audience votes, the audience favorite was also "Comic Con 2008," with 34% of the vote.

The other nominees were NBC Meet the Press," "NBC Nightly News," "NBC Today Show," and "Access Hollywood."