Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best Informational Show"

And the Hulie goes to....


PBS owes much of its sterling reputation to its most watched documentary, Nova. This is a show that has produced thirty five years of cutting edge science programming, all without resorting to condescension to the lowest common denominator. Their sterling brand name has attracted some terrific and well-known hosts, including David Attenborough, Oliver Platt, John Lithgow, and Stockard Channing.

Nova's presence on Hulu is solid, but it does have some huge gaps that leave us wanting more. Right now, 23 episodes are posted in their entirety, all of which have been produced in the last several years. Hopefully, they'll post some vintage episodes from the seventies one of these days.

After 20,000 audience votes, the audience favorite was "National Geographic Channel," with a dominating 59% of the vote.

The other nominees were "Wired Science," "Historic Campaign Ads," and "Scientific American Frontiers."

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