Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best Sports Programming"

And the Hulie goes to...


Here are a few nice moments that NHL has brought to Hulu:

No major sport has been as involved with Hulu as the National Hockey League. Hulu viewers are treated to scads of full games, a handful of player profiles, and a consistently released weekly highlight reel. Even a NHL superfan can watch until his eyes are bleeding and his girlfriend has gotten the puck out of there. It's no wonder our panelists recognized this offering as prime sporting content.

The broader question is why the NHL has such a fervent fan base. Men on skates hitting pucks with sticks? Kind of weird if you think of it. Maybe the answer lies in the mind of Steve Ratinetz, who accumulated 120 hours of footage of fights between hockey players. "I only save decent fights," he said once to the New York Times . "I can't be bothered with every two minute penalty."

If the vital fluids of hockey players are indeed spilled to satisfy a deep, subconscious bloodlust in the viewing public, then you should take a gander at this list of extreme hockey injuries. Impalings, slap shots to the throat, severed carotid arteries, and other things your parents may not have been thinking of when they bought you that first hockey stick:

Read the gruesome list here!

After 20,000 audience votes cast in the Hulu Awards, the Audience Favorite was Ninja Warrior, which eked out the honor with just 26% of the vote.

Accepting this honor on behalf of Ninja Warrior is G4's own Daniel Whitehill, who writes:

On behalf of G4, we would like to thank the Hulu Review for recognizing "Ninja Warrior" in the "Best Sports Programming" category of the 2009 Hulu Awards.

Ninja Warrior has found tremendous popularity among our male audience and we look forward to seeing continued viewer support on the network and via online tune-in.

G4 staff and viewers regard Hulu as a premiere source of programming online and it is an honor to receive the “Best Sport Programming” nomination for Ninja Warrior.

Fans of the show who are interested in an opportunity to be part of “Ninja Fest 4” are invited to submit their videos on

The other nominees were:

American Gladiators
A Shot at Glory

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