Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Announcing the Hulu Award for "Best Short Format Comedy Series"

And the Hulie goes to....

Dorm Life!

Dorm Life is the little web series that could, beating out other competitors with far bigger budgets, and far more famous comic talents. For those who don't know, the show takes the mockumentary model made famous by Christopher Guest and "The Office," and transposes it to a college setting. The creators of the show have shown remarkable savvy-- how many college students will sit down and make an insightful and appropriate comedy centered on their actual surroundings, rather than choosing an obscure intellectual topic they just learned about in class?

It comes as no surprise that Dorm Life is Hulu's most-watched web show.

After 20,000 audience votes, the audience favorite was also "Dorm Life," with an emphatic 44% of the vote.

The other nominees were "The All For Nots," "Carpet Brothers," "The Writer's Room," and "That Guy."

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