Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Clip (non-comedy) 1

After a week of suggestions from panelists and audience members, we have narrowed down the field of thousands of eligible clips to just 37.

Since that's still a large field (and because mass numbers of embedded clips can really slow down the ol' browser) I'm breaking them down into smaller groups for your consideration.

Hulu Review readers and the general public can still cast their votes. The total audience vote is equal to the vote of one panel member. In addition, the clip that gets the most audience votes will advance to the next round.

Here are some of your favorite movie clips:


Field of Dreams: People Will Come

Field of Dreams: Ray and His Dad Play Catch

The Birds: The Birds Amass

Psycho: Mrs. Bates

Psycho: Shower Scene

Lost Highway: I'm At Your House

Scarface: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Walk the Line: June Says Yes

The Usual Suspects: Interrogation

The Usual Suspects: Keyser Soze Story

Romeo & Juliet: In Fair Verona

Romeo & Juliet: You Kiss By the Book

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