Monday, February 9, 2009

JJJ hearts BSG

Awards panelist John J. Joex weighs in on the best scripted and unscripted television shows on Hulu:

Best Television Show (Scripted):
Babylon 5. Oh wait, that didn’t make it to the finals. Then Picket Fences. Oh wait, neither did that one. In fact, is this the right list for the finals? Chuck? Chuck? How did that get here? Not that it is a bad show, but best on Hulu? Well BSG, Alfred Hitchcock, and Buffy are all acceptable choices. I know that Sam will go with Buffy, so I will go with this one:

Battlestar Galactica

Best Unscripted Television Show:
Blah! I had hoped that at least one of the more palatable choices would have slipped into the finals. Well this one isn’t too bad and its actually somewhat addictive:

Kitchen Nightmares

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