Friday, February 6, 2009

In Sam's Opinion: Clips

Awards panelist Sam Christopher has a rather dour take on the best clips on Hulu:

Best Clip (Non-Comedy):

I wasn’t really thrilled with most of what was offered here. It seemed to me to be mostly filled with our current President lying to us (as opposed to our last President lying to us, or the one before him, or the one before him…) and laying all those empty phrases which ultimately mean nothing on us. I know, I know, it’s all very historic and important— President Obama’s election says to children everywhere that they too, no matter their race or creed, can grow up to further the encroachment of government on the private lives of the citizenry. In other words, “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”. So I just went with the old stand-by:

1. SpaceRip: Black Holes: Death Rays - Really I could have picked any of these. As previously stated—repeatedly—I love this show, and I thank Hulu for putting it on, and I thank The Hulu Man for these awards, otherwise I might never have seen it.

Best Comedic Clip:

This didn’t look too promising at first. I haven’t been able to look at SNL since that God-awful Lucy Lawless show—every skit with LL was funny, everything else should have landed the writers in a gulag—and I know they’ve changed the cast and all but I still… And more than that here, it seems that every skit they show had something to do with our last National Beauty Contest—er, Presidential Campaign—and I already read the end of that book. So I switched over to the movie clips and it didn’t look much better at first. But then I went a few pages and found some gems:

1. Shaun of the Dead: Throwing Records - Shaun and Ed throwing albums at zombies. Just hysterical.
2. Shaun of the Dead: Girl in the Garden - “There’s a girl in the garden.” “What?” “In the garden. There is a girl.” So begins the scene where the boys find Mary, their first zombie, and discover that a dead girl is not all that different from a drunk one.
3. Dazed and Confused: Gilligan’s Island Male Fantasy - As with the above SotD, I could have picked any number of clips from this marvelous film. I chose this one because I actually remember having this exact argument with a girl back around 1980. Or at least I was listening to her tell me how awful and sexist it all was while I was trying to look down her shirt.
4. Stricteternum - This was somehow left out of the Comedy Shorts finals (I blame both ACORN’s fraudulent registration practices and the Diebold voting machines) so I put it in here. Truly twisted and understated comedy with a neat sting at the end.
5. Young Frankenstein: What Knockers! - Yes, Teri Garr certainly has a nice ra—oh, you thought this was about the doors! Um, yeah, you keep thinking that.
6. Dr. Goldfoot and The Bikini Machine: Programming the Women - Price didn’t venture into comedy enough, in my estimation. A consummate actor, he had a great sense of timing in all things.

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angela said...

Obama is hardly the same as the old boss. The fact that he's closing Guantanamo Bay first off is a major change turnaround.