Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Clip (non-comedy)

We've dealt with the humorous Hulu clips. Now let's take a gander at some clips that are inspiring, thought-provoking, or amazing in some other way.

You can nominate any non-comedic clip on Hulu, but that's a very big field, so I'm going to give some pointers on how to narrow it down based on my own opinions.

First off, let's take movie clips. Here are the highest rated dramatic movie clips of all time on Hulu. You'll notice many of them are clearly there because they have some sex angle going on, so I would just disregard those and focus on the remainder. Unless you want to nominate the sexy ones. I'm not your father.

You can manipulate the filters to close out the drama setting, and look at other movie clips that are either very popular, or very highly rated.

Next, you want to consider the television clips. Now, you may have a favorite talk show or scripted television show that you think has an outstanding clip. If you do, go for it. For me, the only outstanding clips are in the fields of science, nature, and politics. You can go to your favorite channels in these fields (National Geographic, Historic Campaign Commercials, Spacerip, Presidential Inaugurations, etc), or you can see large listings of them here. In this case, you want to manipulate the filters under "News and Information" to parse it down to some real quality clips.

This is another area where I'm hoping the voting audience can provide some help. So, I'm allowing audience members to propose eligible clips. If you know of a great clip on Hulu that deserves some recognition, just post the name of the clip in the comments section, and it will be presented to the panelists for their consideration.

Please note that some items are mislabeled as clips, when they are clearly not. Specifically, I've noticed some full-length, National Geographic episodes listed as clips, even though they are 44 minutes long. So just use your best judgment.

A shortened list of proposed nominees will be posted next week.


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