Thursday, January 22, 2009

Help! I'm drowning in browncoats!

The Hulu Awards have recently been mentioned on, which, as any Buffyphile can tell you, is dedicated to all things Joss Whedon.

So, for you Whedon fans who are here for the first time, here are the ten things you probably care about the most, as far as The Hulu Awards go:

1. One vote per category, per person, please!

2. You can vote by clicking on the category title to the right

3. Dr. Horrible has been nominated for "Best Web Original"

4. Buffy, Firefly, and Angel have all been proposed as potential nominees for "Best Scifi/Fantasy Series." Early next week, the list of final nominees will be posted, and you'll have another chance to vote for the winner.

5. Buffy is also one of the nominees for "Best Comedy." This is because Hulu has called the show a comedy, and also because I felt that there were enough comedic elements in the show to have it listed as a comedy.

6. "Serenity" is not up for best Scifi movie because it's not on Hulu, and is therefore not eligible.

7. Next week, the Whedon tv shows that have won nominations (if any) will come up one last time in the battle for "Best Television Show on Hulu."

8. The Hulu Award winners will be announced on this site during our online awards ceremony, which will be in March

9. If "Dollhouse" is posted on Hulu, it will be eligible for next year's awards, not this year's awards.

10. I have an opening on our panel of journalists and bloggers. I would love to have one of the top dogs from Whedonesque fill that slot. So, if the appropriate person could contact me, that would be great!

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