Monday, January 19, 2009

Science Fiction Guru Speaks on Hulu Offerings

Panelist John J. Joex has just reached the promised land (as far as the Hulu Awards go, anyway). One of two panelists from Axiom's Edge, John is used to writing about all sci-fi, all the time. This week, he finally got the opportunity to review the complete list of eligible shows for the best scif-i movies and tv series. Now you can learn a little bit about his area of expertise:

Best Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Series:
Finally, after ten weeks, we get to the category most closely associated with the main focus of this site. We have waded through such extremely off-topic (and at times intolerable) categories as Best Competitive Reality Show, Best Celebrity-Driven Reality Show, and Best Travel and Leisure Show. Still, among the other categories and I managed to find some gems of genre interest and we really have been able to demonstrate the vast offerings of

My selections in this category came quite easily. The first three were right off my Best-of list (in fact, the first two are in my Top 10), and the fourth is destined for the Best-of list.

1. Babylon 5 – J. Michael Stracynzski’s epic television series represents a high point for Science Fiction and Fantasy television as it gives us an over-arching storyline that unfolds across five seasons, highlighted by some of the best science fiction and dramatic stories ever seen on the small screen. Unfortunately, Hulu only has the first two seasons available at the current time, but that still represents some of the show’s best moments (especially Season 2). Highlighted episodes: “Deathwalker”, “Babylon Squared”, “The Coming of Shadows”, “Confessions and Lamentations” (the latter being one the best episodes of any television series).

2. Firefly – Joss Whedon’s space western only made it through fourteen episodes (and a subsequent big-screen sequel), but what an amazing handful of episodes he gave us! FOX’s cancellation of this show is one of the greatest injustices in the history of television and it truncated what could have been the next major Science Fiction franchise. Even if you’ve seen the entire series already, it’s worth watching it all over again. Highlighted episodes: all of them.
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