Friday, January 9, 2009

Joex Sings Horrible Praises

John J. Joex knew (as I believe most of us know) who deserves his vote in the race for "Best Web Original." Here's what he had to say about his reasoning:

Best Web Original:
I am sorry that some of the web-series that we voted on earlier (like Devil’s Trade and Gemini Division) are not in this category as well because I would have liked to give them a nod here. However, that would not change my top vote.

1. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog – Years from now, I believe that Joss Whedon’s internet experiment will be considered a pivotal point in the evolution of web-only original productions. On a shoestring budget and with no corporate meddling he and the talent he recruited created a work of art. If you have not seen this yet, set aside the time, it’s well worth it. You can read my full review of Dr. Horrible at this link:
2. Comedy Gumbo – Like any sketch show, it has its hits and misses, but averaging around 4 – 6 minutes per episode means that it moves along a quick pace. At times this show had me laughing out loud.

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