Monday, December 1, 2008

Best Short Format Series (non-comedy): Official Nominees

We are down to the three official nominees for "Best Short Format Series (non comedy)!" We have a big name-draw, a movie/comic tie in, and a Webby nominee with a rabid following.

Hulu Review readers and the general public can still cast their votes in the comments section of this post. The total audience vote is equal to the vote of one panel member. In addition, the show that gets the most audience votes will be recognized during the Awards Ceremony.

Let's see what won out among our panelists:


Blood, guts, fangs, and gore abound in this comic-book-inspired series (which also led to the Josh Hartnett movie). Twilight this ain't.

Gemini Division
Rosario Dawson stars in this action sci-fi series in which her character slowly discovers the shocking truth about her new fiancee, Nick.

Natalie "Nate" Cross is a deadly assassin who also faces many of the man-marrying issues of her peers.
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