Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sam has funny short thoughts about funny shorts

Sam Christopher gives us his usual insightful wit, blended with an appropriate amount of witty insight. Here's what he had to say about which comedic short deserves a Hulu Award (Read Sam's full post here to get his take on all of this week's open categories):
Stricteternum - Amazing short. Very strange, cute story that, like the stellar dramatic short Save the Children, just stays with me.

Laid Off
- Dark humor, deliberately underplayed.

How to Cope with Rejection
- The story: Kurt Cobain hires a ninja to beat up Dave Murray’s gay son for stealing Misty Mundae’s sister away from him. What’s not to like?

- A live-action Ambush Bug story. Need I say more?

Dentally Disturbed
- What’s a tampon? Reminiscent in an odd way of the old radio show Tunnel Under the World.

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