Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hulu In the News

How do you know that the IGMAWOH (Impossibly Gorgeous Men and Women of Hulu) are taking over the world? Because YouTube is desperately trying to become more like them every day.

Not only that, but Hulu is also invading your living room and your Facebook account. It's only a matter of time before they're downloading themselves directly onto your retinas.

Good job, Hulu!

YouTube Gets Classy

All the announcements come amidst increased pressure for YouTube to compete with Hulu, the NBC- and Fox-operated service getting plenty of attention lately. The New York Times recently referred to Hulu as the "most prominent site for mainstream TV shows and, increasingly, movies" and went on to systematically deconstruct the perceived problems with YouTube.

"Studios are wary of YouTube's historically lax attitude toward posting copyrighted material," the story says. "Many media companies worry about the rising power of Google over their own business. And some worry about having their multimillion-dollar epics shuffled in between home videos of babies plopping the pudding on their hair."

It doesn't stop there, though. The Times calls YouTube's site a "mess" and "visually distracting" compared to Hulu's interface. And it's far from the only publicationtaking such a stance.

YouTube Goes Hi-Def
YouTube may be the most well-known video site on the web, but as more and more sites emerge, YouTube is quickly finding it's losing the battle on image quality. Sites like Hulu, and Vimeo all feature larger videos with higher resolutions.

Watch your queue from your couch using Boxee
Today the folks at Boxee have released a new update that not only adds some new features, but also face lifts a bunch of older ones. Here’s the complete rundown

Facebook Connect Set To Expand; Includes Discovery, Digg, Hulu and Others
Facebook, in an increasing attempt to prove its utility beyond its own site (and hence build on its advertising potential in the long run), is expanding its Facebook Connect service on some major media and services sites, including *Discovery*.com, SFChronicle, Digg, Citysearch, and Hulu.
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