Friday, December 5, 2008

New Show: CNBC Originals

Episodes: 13 full length, 44 minute episodes
Clips: None
Studio: CNBC
Rank: B+
This is pretty much meat and potatoes news digest television. The topics skew towards business and money-- there are episodes that look at Donald Trump, Walmart, intrusive government technologies (an Emmy winning documentary), the capitalist revolution of Russia, and a recurring feature called "How I Made My Millions."

The shows are very well done, with a well-balanced look at the subjects. I watched the episode on Walmart, and there was equal emphasis on Walmart's small town values and the small towns that the corporate giant has driven out of existence. They did raise some of the tough questions, featuring academic discussion by men in suits, as well as the human face of the tragedy.

On the other hand, the Donald Trump piece was a love-fest, with an hour of Q&A from Trump in a staged format that reeked of infomercial.

I'm adding this to my queue. It's informative, and manages to turn some moderately dry fare into decent entertainment. Nice addition, Hulu!
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