Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mushi-shi gets John all mushy inside

Panelist John J. Joex weighs in on "Best Anime Series," and his selections shed light on just how diverse and wonderful this booming segment of cartoondom has become:

Oddly enough, I have never been a huge follower of the anime genre. Oh, I have seen many of the pivotal works of the genre, but I have not delved too much further than that. This category gave me the chance to explore further into the offerings, and I liked what I saw.

Death Note – This one is right up my alley. A teenager finds a notebook that will kill anybody whose name is written in it and decides to use it to kill evil people. The episodes I have seen so far are very well done.

– This is an interesting and beautifully illustrated tale about a man who seeks out the supernatural creatures known as Mushi and helps people who they have brought misfortune to.

Astro Boy
– Have to include this one in here. It is mostly geared for children, but it includes themes you don’t often see in kid’s programming such as discrimination and responsibility of actions. It looks like the episodes on Hulu are from the 2003 incarnation, but I would swear this is the 1980 version.

Read John's full post here!

Cast your audience vote for Best Anime Series here!

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