Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sam Christopher loves 3 Amigos (the 3 Amigos who bust ghosts, that is)

Axiom's Edge panelist Sam Christopher must have been feeling a little prickly when he cast his vote for Best Movie Comedy. Only the prospect of Ralph Cramden porking Ed Norton (or was it the other way around?) prevented him from denigrating all four of the nominees that didn't get his vote.

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Here's what Sam had to say about the Best Movie Comedy nominees:

This was not a difficult choice at all, given these competitors. Raising Arizona was okay, but Three Amigos, for me, is easily the worst film these three people ever made. Men in Black was just silly and Eddie Murphy: Raw had all the nasty of Richard Pryor with none of the insight (other than the gay Honeymooners bit which was only funny because it was so nasty). All of this left me with my original choice. “Who ya gonna call?”:

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