Wednesday, October 15, 2008


NBA and Amnesia

I'm not sure what happens to some of these shows. One minute they're there, chugging right along, and the next minute, they've disappeared beneath the ever-shift digital dunes of cyberspace.

Hulu used to have an NBA offering called "NBA Daily Recap," for example. But when I tried to access it this morning, the page no longer existed. A search for NBA on Hulu brings up video links to the NBA itself (which is a nifty new feature of the Hulu search engine, by the way). This is an offering that I hope Hulu manages to get back at some point. I don't watch the NBA much these days, but their online viewing audience is a big prize for advertisers.

The other casualty I just noticed is "Amnesia," which, if I remember correctly, was a highly stylized short series (I'm not being cute, I really can't remember). It was one of several really crappy attempts at the short action/drama/scifi format that most content producers are having a hard time nailing down.

Farewell, NBA! Farewell, Amnesia!

The Hulu Man marks your passing!

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Anonymous said...

It's entirely possible that the NBA recaps will be up again once the NBA season starts.

The Hulu Man said...

That might be true, although I think that they'd preserve the page if that were the case. I emailed the question to Hulu, and will post new info if and when they respond.