Friday, October 24, 2008

The Week's Most Popular Movies

Here are the five most popular movies on Hulu this week.

#1 Dragonheart

Last Week's Ranking: NA
Weeks on List: 1
How the hell did this make #1? I guess Quaid or Connery have more pull than I realized. I'm very curious to see whether this has the legs to hang around next week. It's a fantasy actioner in which Quaid makes his living as a dragon slayer, although the dragon in question is his boyhood pal, a CGI dragon voiced by Sean Connery.

Last Week's Ranking: #3
Weeks on List: 3
This is the movie that keeps on ticking. The most popular Hulu movie of all time is once again climbing the charts, demonstrating that it has staying power on this list. The comedy stars Elisha Cuthbert as a porn star, Emile Hirsch as the naive boy who falls in love with her, and Josh Duhamel as a hilarious sleazy producer.

#3 Starship Troopers

Last Week's Ranking: #2
Weeks on List: 3
Another 1-slot slide for the buggy battle flick. Director Paul Verhoeven won a lot of fans when he turned out this space age action movie that launched the career of Denise Richards. What most people don't remember is that it features Neil Patrick Harris, whose post-Doogie career has blossomed recently. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 62%.

#4 The Fifth Element

Last Week's Ranking: 5
Weeks on List: 1
This movie is a real workhorse for Hulu, drawing the eyeballs in huge numbers long after it's debut. The Bruce Willis/Milla Jovovich scifi climbs into the slot that was held by "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" last week, which is a little ridiculous if you pit the two against each other by any quality-based criteria.

#5 Crawford

Last Week's Ranking: #1
Weeks on List: 3
Crawford has peaked, and is now in a state of decline. As I said when it debuted on Hulu, I loved the political documentary, and I love what it's showing at the top says about the intelligence of Hulu viewers. Now that the election is wrapping up, I would expect this to slip off the list next week.
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