Friday, October 10, 2008

What I'm Watching: The Carpet Brothers

There's been a lot of experimentation afoot with programming that comes in little chunks. I haven't seen a single drama or action one that I've enjoyed, and I've tried most of them. The comedy ones sometimes work, however.

Perhaps the best short-format comedy has been Carpet Brothers, which leans on SNL luminaries Tim Meadows and David Spade, along with the very funny Marc Evan Jackson and Bob Dassie, both of whom are relatively unknown.

The show is about three brothers who have inherited Carpet Galaxy, the carpet store founded by their father. Spade is the devious competitor, whose character is reminiscent of the Bill Murray slimeball in Kingpin.

The style is straight-up mockumentary, and evokes the Christopher Guest Spinal Tap-derived movies in a good way.

I'm posting about it now because Hulu recently posted a single 24 minute episode that seems to combine all of the little minisodes that came before. That makes this an excellent time to tune in and consume it one big gulp.

Ironically, the short clips are listed as episodes, and the single full-length amalgam is listed as a clip. So we're clearly still working out some issues with this format.

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