Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today's Top Show

For the fifth day in a row, the top slot has been occupied by Saturday Night Live's
"Weekend Update Thursday," the special election-themed episode that will be running for four weeks.

I'm not sure what it says when the sketch comedy show beats out fresher episodes of hits like "Heroes" and "The Daily Show."

I suppose people are attracted to the 22 minute format, which is longer than a typical skit, yet doesn't require the 90 minutes it takes to digest a full SNL episode.

Also, I think it points to how much people are interested in politics during this election year.

Reports are that SNL's ratings are booming, even as most of their top-talent stars are moving on to other things.

We'll see if the new gang can keep hold of the expanded audience once the election (and Fey-as-Palin) leaves the spotlight. I'm also looking forward to this Thursday's episode, which will have to really scramble to parody Wednesday night's debate.

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