Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hulu Awards Ceremony

Some people have asked me about plans for the Hulu Awards Ceremony, and I just wanted to officially announce that yes, The Hulu Review will be hosting an independent online awards ceremony, in which we will recognize excellent video content that is available on Hulu.

I am currently recruiting a panel of bloggers and other internet luminaries who are qualified to represent the online video-watching community.

The panel will decide what clips, shows, and movies are truly the best-of-the-best that Hulu has to offer.

As with the Academy Awards, there will be several categories, each of which will honor a short list of nominees, and an eventual winner.

I will post more information as it becomes official.

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Peter said...

Hey Hulu Man,

Thanks for stopping by on my blog. Of course, I'd be honored to be a panel on your Hulu Awards. Just leave a comment on my blog for the instructions :) because I rarely check my email.

Vance said...

Would love to except a lot of Hulu stuff is blocked from where I am (Canada). its annoying. get them to change that! so i might not be the best panelist since I cant see most of the stuff.

zh3n said...

Hey Hulu man,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be delighted to be on your panel for the Hulu Awards. Just leave me another comment on my blog about what I will be doing or email me at


Mike Wilkerson said...

Greetings! The 2GuysTalking TelevisionReviewBlogs.Com staff would be happy to help you out. Let us know more about the time table and time committment that you're looking at and we'll get some/all of our staff working to help you out.

Thanks for visiting and inviting The 2GuysTalking TelevisionReviewBlogs Staff to participate!


Emmet Hawkins said...

Sounds like great fun...I'm partial to the Hulies!

The Hulu Man said...

Hey, if Peter is reading this, please let me know what your email and website are-- I got your response that you'd like to participate in the panel, but I don't know how to contact you!

Dibbler said...

Hi Hulu Man,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. While I'd love to do this with you, I'm afraid that everything on Hulu is only available in the US, and I'm inn the UK. Sorry to disappoint, but best of luck with the awards!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hula Man,

Sadly I am in the same position, I too live on the island they call United Kingdom. I would have loved to help you out, thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

webmaster said...

Hey Hulu Man,
Thanks for stopping by our site and we would love to participate in the Hulu Awards. It will probably be John J. Joex from our site and if you want more participants, Sam Christopher may be interested as well. Contact me and I can pass along their Email addresses.

-Paul S. White

Ralph said...

Hey Hulu Man,

This Is Some Scene would be honored to be on the panel for your Hulu Awards. Here is my info

Ralph James Ippoliti

Send me the info I need. Cheers!

webmaster said...

For the Axiom's Edge website, John J. Joex's Email is I am also checking on Sam Christopher's interest in participating.

-Paul S. White

scifitalk said...

Count me in to judge those Hulu's. Thanks for thinking of me.

Tony Tellado

Tamara Brooks said...

Hey Matt,

Count me in! I appreciate you wanting to include me on your judging panel. Just let me know what you need and by when. :)

Max Holiday said...

Hey Hulu Man,

Thanks for stopping by H.D. Radio on blog talk radio. I would love to be apart of your panel of judges.

Max Holiday

Anonymous said...

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