Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hulu In the News

The Hulu News Digest:

Two entries today, and neither of them are good news for the Hulu-addicted such as myself. Joost has entered the fray as a Hulu-clone, while SNL, one of the most popular Hulu offerings, is going to build their own website.

So far, Hulu has been way ahead of the curve in terms of offering a great viewing experience for online browsers. But I suppose they can't stay ahead of the curve forever-- how can they make sure that they're not just a temporary pit stop for popular content?

Video Site Joost Reboots as a Hulu Clone

On Tuesday, Joost will relaunch as a Flash-based online video hub with free, ad-supported television shows and films — or, in other words, a clone of, the popular Web site jointly owned by NBC and Fox.

SNL Plotting Own Website

"Saturday Night Live" is so hot all of a sudden that it has quietly begun developing a Web site specifically dedicated to the show - offering access to hundreds of sketches from the past as well as the latest politcal stuff, according to reports. Seth Meyers, "SNL" head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor, let out the news of the Web project during an interview on an ESPN podcast. Meyers said that plans for the site took off after producers noted the huge popularity of "SNL" clips on Hulu, the video Web site jointly owned by NBC and News Corp., which also publishes The Post.

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