Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hulu In the News

Hulu got some nice notices for their live presidential debate coverage.

The popular website Gizmodo ranked Hulu #1 on their list of Best Places to Watch Debate Online, and mashable also gave them props here.

Meanwhile, USA Today speculates that the financial crisis might lead people to choose sites like Hulu over expensive television upgrades:

Hard times ahead for fancy electronics like big TVs

James McQuivey, who follows TVs and gadgets for Forrester Research, thinks TV fans will skip buying high-definition Blu-ray DVD players and set-top boxes that bring video-on-demand movies into the home, in favor of free online video viewing.

Websites such as Veoh and Hulu offer full-length, ad-supported TV shows and movies. "Why buy expensive DVDs when you can get it for free online?" he says.

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