Friday, October 10, 2008

The Week's Most Popular Movies

Here are the five most popular movies on Hulu this week.

#1 Starship Troopers

Director Paul Verhoeven won a lot of fans when he turned out this space age action movie that launched the career of Denise Richards. What most people don't remember is that it features Neil Patrick Harris, whose post-Doogie career has blossomed recently. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 62%.

#2 Crawford

I already reviewed this excellent documentary, which premiered on Hulu this week. The high standing in the rankings indicates that it was a successful premiere.

#3 The Girl Next Door

Alert! Alert! The landscape of Hulu movie rankings is about to be permanently altered. The NUMBER ONE MOST POPULAR MOVIE OF ALL TIME on Hulu, "The Girl Next Door," is about to expire. I can't imagine Hulu is yanking it voluntarily-- maybe the consistently strong showing is making Twentieth Century Fox reconsider it's value as a DVD or something. Whatever the case, in four days, you won't be able to see Emile Hirsch or Elisha Cuthbert getting busy any more. One thing I didn't mention when I noted this as the most popular movie a few days ago-- Timothy Olyphant steals every scene he's in. Get it while you can.

#4 Buffalo Bill and the Indians

Hulu's ode to the recently deceased Paul Newman (because, after all, you can't stream salad dressing), this 1976 western received only middling reviews from critics (67% on RT). I haven't seen it myself, but apparently this new offering is getting some major play.

#5 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Hulu recently added this classic Spielberg movie (RT = 95%) to their storehouse, and I'm so glad to see it here. Teens and twenty-somethings may not remember a decent movie starring Richard Dreyfuss or Teri Garr, but this movie is one of the reasons that they're Hollywood stars. Good job, Hulu!

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