Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Get off my Queue!

I really wanted to like Chelsea Handler's show, Chelsea Lately. It seemed to me that she might have that special blend of wit, sarcasm, and biting snarkiness that makes Sarah Silverman (or Talk Soup, for that matter) worth watching. That's why I subscribed to her show.

But I have to declare that her fifteen minutes of fame are officially over, at least on Hulu. Approximately half of her jokes involve "Chuy," a latino diminutive sidekick who must be getting paid well in order to put up with all the condescension. One skit will be about how funny it is that Chuy is in love with someone; another skit will be about how funny it is that someone else is attracted to Chuy; a third will be about how funny Chuy looks in a speedo.

I get it! Chuy is even smaller and more latino than "Guillermo," the parking lot security guard who is featured in some of Jimmy Kimmel's skits. So it must be even funnier, right? Except it's not.

Or, maybe it would be if Handler handled it properly, but she just flogs the dead horse, over and over again.

Other than Chuy bits, there are some celebrity interviews and some SNL-style skits. The celebrity interviews are occasionally funny, but Handler misfires more often than she gets it right. While talking with a guest, she never fails to reference Chuy yet again.

The skits are very lame, featuring unfunny actors and unimaginative takes on current events.

I hung in there as long as I could, Chelsea, but you no longer make the grade. You're off my queue. And so is Chuy.


The Hulu Man
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