Monday, October 27, 2008

Hulu Awards: Best Show of the Eighties

The third and final category that the panelists will be considering this week is "Best Show of the Eighties."

Remember, Hulu Review readers and the general public can vote on their pick in the comments section of this post. The total audience vote will have the weight of one panel member.

Hollywood is already scouring tv shows from this era to dredge up some movie ideas. "Miami Vice" has been done and I hear a movie about "The A Team" is in the works, so can "Alf: The Movie" be far behind?

Here are the 28 eligible programs: Five final nominees coming soon!

The A Team
Archie Bunker's Place
Buck Rogers
DC Follies
Elvira's Movie Macabre
The Facts of Life
The Fall Guy
Galactica 1980
Hart to Hart
Hill Street Blues
The Incredible Hulk
Married With Children
Miami Vice
The Munsters Today
Remington Steele
Silver Spoons
Simon and Simon
St. Elsewhere
TJ Hooker
WKRP in Cincinnati
Who's the Boss?
The White Shadow
What's Happening Now?
Fantasy Island


carllinq said...

Hill Street Blues

Paul said...

The A-Team, of course, when a helicopter crashes into a mountain and everybody gets out of the wreckage that's a show!

Lo said...

Remington Steele!!

dawn said...

St Elsewhere

Bookist said...

I'm with you Paul....The A-Team all the way! Action without blood and gore, great supporting cast, and those wonderful quotes. I love it when a show comes together!

lisatheartista said...

Although "Miami Vice" had the most impact on pop culture of the 80s, and it had better over all production quaility, sound track, etc., there are two other shows that I think I would have been sorely missed... "Amazing Stories" & "Little House on the Prairie." Yes, it did go off the air in the 80s and had been on a long time and still left me wanting more. :O)

Dennis said...

WKRP in Cincinnati has to be one of the best shows in the eighties. With its great talent of writers and actors, the show mixed rather well drama and comedy. My favorite on primetime and my favorite still today on Hulu.

Anonymous said...

Remington Steele - can't forget those blue eyes and the lock of hair always falling on his forehead. Plus the dialogue was quick and full of wit, perfect for the 80's. Not to mention one of the few strong female characters of that era.

Jacqueline said...

Remington Steele!
Full of great humor, wit, mystery, and romance. Absolutely brilliant with some of the most brilliant actors! My all time favorite tv show.

Wolfman said...

AIRWOLF, of course. No other show was headlined by movie stars and had a budget to match.

Anonymous said...

Remington Steele, no contest. The way the characters interact is great. It combines likable characters with great comedy, murder and movie trivia. What could be better?

Anonymous said...

Remington Steele, hands down.

Anonymous said...

Remington Steele - I loved that show! Great humor, banter, and romance.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between Simon & Simon, Remington Steele and WKRP. I think I'll have to go with S&S as they were supposedly based in my hometown of San Diego.