Monday, October 27, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

...Hulu premiered Tina Fey's half hour comedy "30 Rock" 8 days before it will hit network tv.

This is a Hulu coup of the first degree. Few comedies are as popular or buzz-worthy as 30 Rock has become over the last couple of years.

I saw an article about a month ago in which some NBC bigwig said that they would have broadcast the 30 Rock premiere earlier in the season if they knew this Fey-as-Palin thing was going to be such a big hit.

I'm not sure if the early Hulu release is a direct result of that desire to capitalize on the Fey phenom, or whether it's a happy coincidence, but it does underline to networks something that Hulu can provide-- flexibility. NBC was able to post the episode early without having to worry about promo ads or shuffling their schedule around, and that's money in the bank, baby.

Anyhow, I hope you take the 21.5 minutes (way to scalp another 60 seconds off the funny, NBC) to enjoy the season 3 opener, which features Liz's attempt to adopt, and the return of Jack Burns.

Watch the episode here!

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