Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Week's Most Popular Movies

Here are the five most popular movies on Hulu this week.

#1 Crawford

Last Week's Ranking: #2
Weeks on List: 2
This seminal Hulu-premiere has climbed the charts to #1. Huzzah! I loved the political documentary, and I love what it's showing at the top says about the intelligence of Hulu viewers. Sure, we all love our popcorn movies, but when a thoughtful doc makes #1, it's a good day in cyberspace.

#2 Starship Troopers

Last Week's Ranking: #1
Weeks on List: 2
A modest 1-slot slide for the buggy battle flick. Director Paul Verhoeven won a lot of fans when he turned out this space age action movie that launched the career of Denise Richards. What most people don't remember is that it features Neil Patrick Harris, whose post-Doogie career has blossomed recently. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 62%.

#3 The Girl Next Door

Last Week's Ranking: #3
Weeks on List: 2
Okay, I sounded the alarm on this one last week when an expiration notice came up for Hulu's #1 most popular movie of all time. It would appear that reports of its demise were somewhat exaggerated. This comedy stars Elisha Cuthbert as a porn star, Emile Hirsch as the naive boy who falls in love with her, and Josh Duhamel as a hilarious sleazy producer.

#4 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Last Week's Ranking: #5
Weeks on List: 2
The classic alien-encounter movie by Spielberg has climbed the Hulu charts the week after a strong debut. Teens and twenty-somethings may not remember a decent flick starring Richard Dreyfuss or Teri Garr, but this movie is one of the reasons that they're Hollywood stars. Good job, Hulu!

#5 The Fifth Element

Last Week's Ranking: NA
Weeks on List: 1
The Bruce Willis/Milla Jovovich scifi outing has been a steady performer on Hulu, which I've posited before is the result of the promotional graphic showing Milla in a strappy white outfit. Whatever the case, this one manages to nab a foothold in the top five. We'll have to see whether it can show some staying power on the list.

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