Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hulu Awards: Sports Programming

Earlier this week, thirty top-flight panelists considered for the first time which Sports Programming offering on Hulu is deserving of a Hulu Award. As I type, many of them are reviewing the eligible list of shows and making their selections.

And you can be involved!!!!

That's right, I'm giving you all a chance to weigh in on the Hulu Awards. The most popular choice, as measured by votes on the comment section, will count as a single vote on the panel for that choice.

You can see all of the eligible shows (and a few that aren't eligible) on this link:

Here's the list of eligible shows:

2008 National Heads-Up Poker Championship
2008 US Open
A Shot at Glory
Allstate BCS National Championship Game 2008
Allstate Sugar Bowl Game 2008
American Gladiators
American Misfits
AST Dew Tour
AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Game 2008
Battle Dome
Best of Bowl Bash 2008
Built to Shred
Buzzer Beater
College Sports Minute
Cyclysm Sundays
Engine Block
Expedition Safari
Fantasy Fix
Fed Ex Orange Bowl Game 2008
Fields of Glory
Fight Girls
Friday Night Smackdown
Heart of Geauxld
Keep Your Eyes Open
MMA Fight Weekly
New Pollution
Ninja Warrior
Notre Dame
Speed X
Strikeforce on NBC
The 808
The Captain and Casey Show
The Finish Line
The Great Ride Open
The Matty Blake Show
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2007
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2008
TRCP's Life in the Open
WCL Turf Wars
WWE Classics
WWE Extras
WWE Monday Night Raw
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Anonymous said...

Built to Shred

Anonymous said...

The Great Ride Open.

Erik said...

Built to Shred