Monday, October 27, 2008

Sports Programming Award Heats Up!

Okay, we've gone from a list of over 51 eligible nominees to a short list of 18 proposed nominees. The proposed nominees are those selections that captured the interest of at least two of our panelists.

The panelists will now vote on which five proposed nominees will actually receive a Hulu Award Nomination. Our first nomination is at stake! I'm so excited I've soiled myself.

Here are the proposed nominees:

2008 National Heads Up Poker Championship
American Gladiators
Battle Dome
Built to Shred
Buzzer Beater
Fantasy Fix
Fed Ex Orange Bowl Game 2008
Fight Girls
MMA Fight Weekly
Ninja Warrior
A Shot At Glory
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2007
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2008
WWE Classics

And here are what our panelists are saying about their picks. I encourage everyone to speak their mind so that, when the dust clears, we have the five best nominees we can possibly have.

Panelist: Emily from Eclaire Fare (‏)
Proposed Nominee(s): Firsthand
I chose nominees based on their production values, entertainment value, and unique perspectives on the sports they involve. I had never watched any of the 51 eligible programs listed, so I went into the selection process unbiased in that regard.

Surprisingly, my favorite of the three nominees was Firsthand. I don't normally follow extreme sports, but I liked how this show gave an inside look at the sports' athletes, while also showing impressive stunts and providing a sampling of different artists and music. I felt like there was a little something for everyone.

Panelist: Jason from The Semi Large Show (
Proposed Nominee(s): NHL
They have highlights, full games, and interviews. It's great to see what's going on in the world of hockey.

Panelist: Amrie from My Take on TV (‏)
Proposed Nominee(s):
The Matty Blake Show - love his sarcasm
Pinks - huge fan, watch it with my dad!
Ninja Warrior - hilarious
M80 - love Motocross!

Panelist: Antonice from The Angry Premed Student (‏)
Proposed Nominee(s):
American Gladiators— I nominated this because this is a classic. Yeah. It has been remade for the new generation but it’s all the same games and rules. You simply can’t go wrong with Gladiators!

2008 National Heads-Up Poker Championship—I like Poker. Not a very good poker player but I jump at the chance to play and learn and become a skilled player, this is why I chose this for my second nomination. Poker has become such a phenomenon worldwide, that it’s hard to NOT want to play or even watch these people play and win millions on a card game!

Battle Dome—This,to me, is a combination of American Gladiators and some bad talk show. I liked the few episodes I saw.

Panelist: Ralph from This is Some Scene (‏)
Proposed Nominee(s): PINKS
Sports is my least favorite category, however I love cars. So my nominee for best Sports programming has to go to PINKS. I love the heated negotiations between the drivers and there is a lot at stake - Lose the race, lose your ride. Good drama.
Panelist: John from Axiom's Edge (‏)
Proposed Nominee(s):
I'm a Football guy, so I'm going to go with what I know (with one exception):
1. Best of Bowl Bash 2008 (some good highlights from some good games)
2. Fantasy Fix
3. College Sports Minute (though why is there nothing from the last two weeks?)
4. National Heads-Up Poker (took a look at this and found it addictive)
5. Any of the Bowl Games
Panelist: Liz from her pop culture blog(
Proposed Nominee(s):
Fight Girls--Another series where the episodes are short and sweet; and the drama that a bunch of women live together and then have to fight one another Vegas is riveting to say the least. Battle's like American Gladiators and WWE, with a sprinkle of Jerry Springer. And oozes with so much schtick that it's kind of hard not to watch.

A Shot at Glory--I am a sucker for "back story" profiles; and I think this show provides great access to today's athletes and strides to inspire as well as inform.
Panelist: Yours truly
Proposed Nominee(s): Built to Shred
Built to Shred has all the authenticity and camaraderie of a Jackass episode, with none of the gross or reprehensible behavior. It basically features a group of inventive pro skateboarders building dreamscapes to skate upon. They use of a variety of materials and locations for their raw material. You don't have to be a skateboarding fan to enjoy this program. One downside is the quick-cut editing. I think that the average shot length is literally about three quarters of a second. I'm not exaggerating. Hey Fuel! These retinas have to last me a lifetime! Quit trying to burn them out!

Panelist: Rae from Ramblings of a TV Whore (
Proposed Nominee(s):
A Shot at Glory: Nominated as an excellent online Olympic companion with in-depth profiles of the biggest USA Olympic hopefuls. Each episode excels at capturing the Olympic spirit while also being interesting and informative.

Fight Girls: Reality show competition meets kick ass girls. These girls are tough and very focused on what they want but a competition always breeds drama so the show also shows the more social side of fighting in the ring.

Firsthand: Even though I know nothing about extreme sports, I found this series addicting. The firsthand profiles of the athletes gives the audience a sense of having a conversation with these athletes. The series is well-shot, mixing action in with the stories being told in such a way that the twenty minutes fly by quickly.

Panelist: Laura from Movie Review Report (
Proposed Nominee(s):
NHL- Live Every Shift (It's awesome that they have full games available and highlights for the week)


Sam Christopher said...

Sports was my least favorite category. I simply don't care about most of them except football. My list:

1. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2007- An all-time great bowl game; a personal favorite in which I had no favorite among the teams.

2. Tostitos Fiesta Bowl 2008- I'm a Bama fan first, an SEC fan second. LSU bringing home the second national title for the conference in a row has to be up here.

3. FedEx Orange Bowl 2008- Another great game where I didn't have to care who won.

4. American Gladiators- Always a fun show to watch. A game show more about ability than luck.

5. Battle Dome- I pick this AG clone-- complete with replicative fading-- because my brother and I used to MST it (or should that be "Cheap Seat" it) whenever we caught it on.

Bookist said...

A Shot at Glory