Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Horror Movie Race Gets Scary Good

Our panelists have been very courageous, subjecting themselves to the scariest of the scary movies that Hulu has to offer. They've come up with a short list of proposed nominees.

Hulu Review readers and the general public can vote on their pick in the comments section of this post. The total audience vote will have the weight of one panel member.

The final nominee list is coming soon!


from Axiom's Edge
posted about his picks. I recommend that you read his full post:


from Axiom's Edge
had plenty to say. I recommend that you read his full post as well:


Antonice from

28 Days Later--The premise is almost the same with most, if not all the zombie infected movies. Some people get infected in a city or town and a few didn't but, try to stay ahead of the infected. There was something a little different about this one minus the ending, in my opinion. The sheer extent they went through to show a ravaged and almost desolated London. The make-up on the infected was brilliant! No horror movie terrifies me more, than a movie, that chronicles details that can actually happen.

Christine-- Ok. I always thought that movies with killer cars or demons driving cars that kill was kinda silly. But if you take into consideration when these movies where made,they probably terrified movie-goers then. This one was on AMC Hallowen day and I actually watched it to reacquaint myself with the storyline. A geek wanting to do something different and be different buys an old car. The car has a life of its own,literally and consumes the kids' life as well. It made him different and it killed anyone that supposedly got in its way. Jealous much? Silly premise,right? Yeah, but it was good!! Everything form the clothes to the acting(John Travolta had really big hair).

When A Stranger Calls-- When I saw this nominee. I thought it was the old version and not the remake. I saw this version on Valentine's Day with a group of friends that were dateless at the time. Why we chose this movie? I don't know. I find this movie creepy because any movie that shows you being alone and preyed on in your home by some crazed killer is very VERY creepy. I don't care what anyone says, there's nothing more scary than that! The whole, " The call is coming from within the house thing". It has creeped viewers out back then and it still creeps viewers out now

Tamara from

Bloody Mallory
If you like fantastically cheesy B-movies, oh is this one for you. The first few minutes reminds me of a mix between "Evil Dead II" and "UltraViolet". French with English subtitles which makes it that much more fun.

The Thing
This John Carpenter film is a rarity - a remake that is really good and stands on its own merits. Add Kurt Russell and Keith David and you get an automatic win.

Stephen King adaptions tend to fall flat in the final act but this is a rarity but John Carpenter manages not to disappoint. But the movie would absolutely fall apart without Keith Gordon as the lead, playing Arnie's slow descent into to madness with great skill.

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Anonymous said...

DRIVE THRU -- this movie rocks! They take all the 80's ingredients/plotlines etc and put a totally fresh unique spin on them -- low budge awesomeness with tons of recognizable faces. This should win on heart alone -- intstant cult classic.