Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Show: The Obama Presidency

Episodes: None
Clips: One 3:33 clip
Studio: IGMAWOH (brought to us by the Impossibly Gorgeous Men and Women of Hulu)
Rank: B+
It was big, welcome news when President-elect chose to use the internet as his forum for his first weekly address. I think we here in the Hulu camp would rather he chose Hulu instead of YouTube, but that's a minor quibble.

The important thing is that we, the people, can receive words from the president's mouth in a more direct way than ever before. We don't have to sit by the dadgum radio at the appointed hour like our grandparents. We don't even have to set our VCRs like our parents. Nope, we just point and click and soak it in wherever and whenever we want.

As far as this specific offering goes, I think it's great that Hulu has been proactive about getting this critically important content. There aren't too many videos that have the potential to really impact the future of the nation.

The presentation and quality are fine, and Hulu has the added bonus of a live discussion segment attached to the video. On YouTube, the official video has comments blocked, and there are a zillion recreations that are full of crap. Here, there's just one video, and the Hulu policy of regulating profanities seems to have raised the intelligence level of the discussion considerably.
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