Friday, November 7, 2008

Dramatic shorts wow panelist

Emily, the Hulu Awards Panelist from the excellent blog "eclairefare," wrote up her experience judging Hulu's short dramas.

Read her full post here!

Here's what she had to say about one of her favorites:

Uncle Jonny - This quirky short doesn’t have production values as impressive as the other three on this list, but the script and the characters are what make it worthy of the final spot on my list of nominees. The basic premise of this seven minute short is that the main character, a young boy, is obsessed with the number eight. He is daydreaming in class about all the things the number eight represents. His sing-song recitation of all things eight is at times funny, at others sweet, and sometimes bittersweet. Beyond the oddity of everything revolving around a number, this little story allows us to see the world, and more specifically a dysfunctional family, from the innocent perspective of its youngest member. So whether it’s his aunt’s depression, his Uncle Jonny’s criminal behavior, or his crush on a classmate, the audience is entertained by the narration, as well as the colorful cast who play all the people in the boy’s life. There is a brief cameo by Hugh Jackman, but that is far from the main reason to watch. My only complaint is the sudden, silly ending, but perhaps that is in keeping with the mindset of the little boy.

Watch it here:

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