Thursday, November 13, 2008

What makes for a good reality show?

Hulu Awards Panelist Emily from Eclairfare has posted an excellent-- EXCELLENT-- post that muses about what criteria should be used when weighing reality shows against each other (if you missed it, three reality show categories hit the Hulu Awards this week, and you can vote on them by clicking on the links to the right).

She writes:

By what criteria should I evaluate these shows? There are always the production values (editing, cinematography, directing, filming locations, etc.) and the non-fiction narrative that the show runners create out of the supposed unscripted happenings. However, the most important aspect of a reality show for me is the mere premise. If the show’s main purpose is to humiliate its contestants, even if they know what they are getting into, it is immediately disqualified from being worthy of nomination. Sorry, Hole in the Wall and Moment of Truth. Also low on my list are shows that are quasi-celebrities’ attempt to stay in the limelight, and stretch their 15 minutes of fame into 20. (I’m talking to you, Rob and Amber. And you, too, Lohan family.)

To read the conclusions she draws, check out the full post at her site.

My conclusion? Vote for Destination Truth. It's become my obsession.
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