Sunday, November 16, 2008

Paul Rudd's Homoerotic Night

Paul Rudd hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and about halfway through the show, I noticed a running theme, of sorts.

It seemed like over half the sketches relied on a healthy dose of humor derived from the possibility of man-on-man action.

I honestly don't think this is due to any underlying agenda. I think it was coincidence, helped along by the fact that gay marriage is in the news this week after the California vote overturning gay marriage rights.

Even though the skits all made me chuckle, in the future, I'd like my SNL comedy writers to go to this particular well a little less often. It just doesn't speak well of the show that their primary gag is going to be about two men making eyes at each other. That's what I expect from YouTube, not one of the most highly paid comedic writing teams on the planet.

Here's what I'm talking about. There was also a (hilarious, I admit) skit in which Paul Rudd and Bill Hader played mob-talking valets who wind up proposing marriage, "as a goof."

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