Tuesday, November 11, 2008

From the Mailbag

Hulu Review reader Will left a comment on the post concerning the Hulu Award for Best Documentary Feature. He writes:

"I've watched 6 of those, and 'Crawford' is far better than all but one of them. How can the first film that Hulu released not be on the list?"

Will, all I can say is "I hear you, buddy." Of the twenty five sitting panelists, only one of them voted for Crawford, and that is yours truly. I thought Crawford was a great piece of documentary work, and its world debut on Hulu only made it more attractive as a nominee.

I'll also make this point-- while lots of other categories are drawing some decent numbers in terms of audience votes, not a single audience member voted on Best Documentary Feature during the first stage of the nomination process. If someone (even you, Will!) had voted for Crawford at that point, then the audience vote would have gone for Crawford, and Crawford would have made the short list of proposed nominees.

Sometimes, one vote does truly matter!

So keep an eye out Will (and you other Hulu Review readers), and make sure your first selection gets your vote. If you feel strongly that the most deserving entry isn't going to win the audience vote, recruit a friend or five to cast their votes, too.

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