Wednesday, November 12, 2008

James McDaniel: New Panelist

Joining Meredith and Anna Lee as a new addition to the Hulu Awards Panel is internet luminary James McDaniel, who has recently rejoined the blogging game by launching

Peppermintfatty has some great insight into the world of Hollywood. His most recent post tells us who the next big star will be, and you can find that out by clicking here!

Although, I suspect that most people will be more excited by the fact that he appeared as an onlooker in a recent episode of "True Blood" (sorry to blow your cover, James!).

If his posts are any indication, James is going to be bringing something new to the panel: taste.

Just kidding. Everyone on the panel has taste (except, of course, for those who voted that "Who's the Boss?" was one of the best shows of the 80s).

Welcome to the panel, James!

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