Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sam weighs in on Hulu Awards

Sam, one of two panelists from sci fi website Axiom's Edge, has made his choices for the week, and makes some compelling arguments.

Read his full post here!

Here's what Sam had to say about one of his favorites:

Charlie’s Angels: As I waded through a veritable sea of great TV to make this last choice the question arose: Who would I want to wade through an ocean with more than Charlie’s Angels? Farrah, Kate, and Jaclyn would make the perfect beach companions: great to look at, fun to talk to, and if anyone kicks sand in my face I’ll just let the girls take care of him and use the money I would’ve sent to Charles Atlas to buy more comics. And suntan lotion.

Here's a minisode of the ladies that get Sam's blood pumping:

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