Sunday, November 16, 2008

Emily Hearts Morgan Spurlock

Hulu Awards Panelist Emily, who started a very thoughtful discussion on the nature of award-worthy reality television last week, has made her initial selection for reality show proposed nominees.

Check out what she has to say at her blog, Eclairefare:

Read her full post here!

Here's what he had to say about Morgan Spurlock's "30 Days," which is up for an Award (and which was recently canceled):

30 Days - Now this show actually fits the definition of “reality.” Morgan Spurlock conducts various social experiments that place people into unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations. My favorite episode is the one in which Morgan and his then fiance, Alex, lived on minimum wage for a month. That was an educational, eye-opening experience for them and for viewers. This show takes relevant issues and presents them in interesting, fair, and authentic ways, whether its Muslims living in America, the condition of American prisons, or the issue of animal rights. It is my top pick for Best Non-Competitive Reality Show.

Here's the most popular 30 Days episode on Hulu right now. What does it deal with? Binge Drinking, natch:

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