Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sam Christopher Likes Chicks on Broomsticks

Over at Axiom's edge, panelist Sam Christopher agonized over some of the tough decisions he faced this week. Not so much because there were so many deserving shows, but because he actually had to vote for some reality programming.

Read PART ONE here... and PART TWO here!

Here's what Sam had to say about the Best Classic TV Show finalists:

I understand completely how anyone could pick any of these. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is easily the best suspense show ever made, and The Dick Van Dyke Show is on a par with The Andy Griffith Show as one of the best two or three sitcoms ever made. But my choice throughout this process has never changed. It is the lightest, silliest, and most fantastical of these finalists, an all-time favorite based not only on the unwavering hilarity of the magnificent regular cast but also the veritable galaxy of guest stars—Paul Lynde alone is worth his weight in platinum. I stand by it:

Here's the series premiere of the show that launched a thousand twitching noses:

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