Monday, November 10, 2008

Hulu Awards Panelist Timeline

Here's the time line for the remaining Hulu Awards work to be done. We're taking a long Christmas break, just because I know how hard it is to get anything done during that period, and finishing up the nomination process in January.

Week of November 10:
Best Non-Competitive Reality Series
Best Competitive Reality Series
Best Celebrity-Driven Reality Series

Week of November 17:
Best Comedy TV Show
Best Comedic Short
Best Movie Comedy

Week of November 24:
Best Dramatic TV Series
Best Movie Drama
Best Non-comedic Short Format Show
Best Short-Format Comedy

Week of December 1:
Best Non-Anime Cartoon Series
Best Anime Series
Best Animated Short
Best Family Movie

Week of December 8:
Best Travel Series
Best Cooking or Food Show
Best Leisure Series

Week of December 15:
Best Classic Movie
Best Action TV Series
Best Web Original


Week of January 12:
Best SciFi/Fantasy TV Series
Best SciFi Movie
Best Videogame Coverage

Week of January 19:
Best News Show
Best Information Show
Best Talk and Interview Show

Week of January 26:
Aggregate Awards
Best Clip
Best Hulu Feature
Best Studio
Worst Web Original
Worst TV Series
Worst Movie

Week of March 2:
Hulu Awards Night!

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