Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Show: Shuffle

Episodes: Eight 25 minute episodes
Clips: None
Network/Studio: FUNimation
Grade: C+
Somehow, when I wrote up the other recent anime additions to Hulu, I overlooked this seinen (adult male romance), which is, like so many other recent anime additions, set in high school. The twist here is that in this world, ten years ago, a portal was opened through which gods and demons have come to earth. In fact, two of the new students at this high school are of immortal heritage. As the show progresses, we wind up with scads of scantily clad women throwing themselves at the main character, Rin. I appreciate that this show adds something new to the familiar high school setting, and that that new twist is something as bold as gods on earth. Nevertheless, there is a fair amount of silliness on full display here, and I can't help but feel that too many of the female characters are bubble-headed sexpots. I know anime doesn't exactly set women up for fourth-wave feminism, but this one goes beyond the pale.

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