Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Show: FiNS

Episodes: Twelve full episodes of 22 minutes apiece
Clips: None
Studio: FUEL TV
Rank: B-
My first impulse when I see a show like this is, "how many shows about surfing can they possibly make?" And then I remember that you could say the same about a lot of good shows. After all, how many shows about good looking young people living in good looking urban apartments can they possibly make?

You know what? This is a good surfing show. It's not quite good enough to make me, whose interest in surfing rose and ended with the Paskowitz family, tune in to watch. But the production values are good, the scenery is predictably gorgeous, and the producers manage to find something in the surfing subjects that go beyond the traditional athlete highlight.

Each episode tackles two or three subjects, typically including an actual surfing session, someone who works in the surfing industry (such as a surfing photographer), and a spotlight on an interesting location, style, or personality that is important to the sport.

If you have an interest in surfing, I think you'll find this to be a very entertaining way to teach yourself more about the ins and outs of the serious surfing world. If you just like to watch the waves and imagine what can be done on them, this will also fill that need.
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