Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hulu for the Holidays!

After the smashing success of "Hulu Days of Summer" and the moderately successful "Huluween" rollouts, Hulu is going for the trifecta by giving us "Hulu for the Holidays."

The basic concept is that every day between now and December 26, they're going to add a piece of holiday-related content to the site. Think of it as a digital Advent Calendar, but instead of chocolate religious figures, there's pop-culture crassness inside.

Day One was what they're calling "Thanksgiving 2008," which is actually an amalgamation of cooking segments from various shows. The cooking segments are all Thanksgiving Feast oriented, with everything from the traditional turkey to sweet potato pie to sausage stuffing.

Day Two wasn't content, really. It was a widget. This allows viewers to see the content at Hulu, or to check it out right here at The Hulu Review in the box to the right (and I'm assuming one or two other sites in the world have it too).

Day Three is a nice fall offering in "Rudy," the feature film about a rough and tumble footballer trying to overcome his blue collar roots. Sean Astin stars, with smaller roles by Jon Favreau and Lili Taylor.

Day Four? I have no idea, but there's a tantalizing question mark set in front of a snowflake-covered backdrop to make us wonder.
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