Monday, November 17, 2008

Hulu Awards: Best Comedic Short

Rounding out the comedic categories this week is "Best Comedic Short." A short is not to be confused with a short-format series. These shorts are one-off deals that work as a stand-alone.

They tend to represent some of the finest efforts of homegrown independent film makers. Some people are going to laugh really hard at the YouTube videos of a guy getting kicked in the crotch. For the rest of us, there are these comparatively heady productions.

Remember, Hulu Review readers and the general public can vote on their pick in the comments section of this post. The total audience vote will have the weight of one panel member.

All of the funny shorts are hosted by the aggregate studio Movieola, so I'm not going to list them here. There are 42 eligible shorts. Next week, they'll be narrowed down to a list of proposed nominees.

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