Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Get off my Queue! "Crusoe"

I gave this action adventure half a chance, anyway. I have to admit that I only watched with one eye, but that's because nothing about the show gripped me enough to want to give it my full attention.

When it premiered on Hulu a month ago, I called it the best new show of the week.

Crusoe does have it's merits. The settings are beautiful, and a welcome change from the dark, gritty city streets that seem to occupy most of this year's dramas. It's far more episodic than I thought it would be, which is a bonus. It also features some good acting by some talented actors.

But I didn't appreciate the way that NBC appropriated an iconic literary figure for their own nefarious purposes. I'm all for giving Crusoe an opportunity to connect with modern audiences, but the fact is that this show resembles Crusoe about as much as Survivor does.

Even if I weren't a literary nit-picker, I still wouldn't be watching. The fact is, none of the lead characters are engaging enough to care about, the dialogue is too modern to be believable (but too archaic to be accessible), and the plot lines are tired old dogs that desperately need to be put down.

I'll see you later, Crusoe- I have a feeling the network might pull the plug on this one long before you get to the mainland.

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