Friday, November 14, 2008

New Show: Tyler's Ultimate

: None
Clips: 6 clips, about 5 minutes each
Studio: Food Network
Rank: C+
You know what the great thing about cooking shows is? They're all pretty good. You know what the bad thing about cooking shows is? They're all pretty good. The airwaves and the internet are awash with these genial, good-looking chefs who spend their time demonstrating how to cook amazingly good food.

Tyler Perry is the poster boy for this phenomenon. His show is very smooth and engaging, and he does put up some impressive-looking meals with a minimum of fuss. But so what? I can see the same exact show coming from dozens of different cooks, ranging from Rachael Ray to Emeril. The show's sole, lame innovation is that he is presenting us with the "ultimate" single recipe for many common meals, such as fried chicken or spaghetti and meatballs.

For now, the clips on Hulu are all Thanksgiving-themed, which makes it even less likely to stand out.
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